Proven results to dramatically change the appearance of your skin and veins
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Proven results to dramatically change the appearance of your skin and veins
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Removal of Varicose Veins in Thurston County We treat unwanted facial and leg spider veins as well as larger varicose veins.

At You're So Vein Aesthetic Center, we are dedicated to providing our clients with state of the art technology, including thermal and glue closure procedures for varicose veins and sclerotherapy and Veinwave ohmic therapy for spider veins. We are with you every step of the way-from the first  phone call, making a plan, the actual procedure, completing the treatment and the aftercare.  Our practice caters to patients with varicose veins, spider veins and facial telangiectasias.  You're So Vein Aesthetic Center's mission is to help you eliminate unwanted veins.  Give us a call to set up an appointment for a consultation to answer your questions and concerns.

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We use the latest technology including Laser closure procedure for varicose veins, and Sclerotherapy and Veinwave Ohmic Therapy for spider veins.

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These veins are a frequent cause of cosmetic discomfort. They usually are not a cause of symptoms beyond the cosmetic discomfort, but in some instances they are attended by itching, burning, heaviness, or fatigue in the legs. Some individuals worry that spider veins are the beginning of more advanced venous disease.

Occasionally superficial spider veins rupture and cause spontaneous bleeding (hemorrhage) that surprises and shocks the individual. In all instances except actual hemorrhage spiders are considered a cosmetic problem and are not covered by insurance policies, including Medicare.

The exact cause of spider veins is unknown. They are so common that nearly everyone knows someone in the family who has them.

They are more prevalent in women but happen in men as well. They can appear locally after trauma or after superficial surgery, even after vein surgery. We do not know how to prevent them from forming. The advice to avoid crossing the legs or wearing constricting clothing or garters to prevent them has no established basis.

The hope that support stockings and dietary supplements are of help is unsubstantiated. Spider veins may be associated with larger diseased veins underneath. This possibility warrants the use of ultrasound to check for underlying venous disease because treatment should be directed first at the deeper veins.

What People Say

Love love love the outcome of this procedure. Face totally clear 7 days later. The last of the "cat scratches" are gone. I feel like I don't have to hide behind makeup anymore. So happy! Thanks again Donna, you rock :)
Brenda T.
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